We currently offer:

1.Compassionate prompt pick up service 24 hours, 365 day a year

2. Respectful and caring removal of all sizes and types of animal. Specialty is Equine.

3. Peace of mind for you the owner that your loved one is receiving the best care and consideration.

4. Burial

5. Cremation

6. General disposal (mass grave burial in non-visitation location, nothing is sent to rendering plant)

7. Scheduled euthanizations with your veterinarian

8.  Euthanization by firearm

9.Meeting with your vet for euthanization so that your memory of your faithful loving friend remains that of them alive and happy.  

Call anytime you are in need of service: 303-324-7073

We hope you never need our service but we are here for you to make this difficult time easier!